Kid Glove Shave Gel

"Total Whisker Visibility"

This oil-free, guy-strength brew of botanicals instantly transforms into transparent gel when applied to the skin. Get better facial hair designs and avoid rocky road nicks. No more burn. No more rashes. Easy glide - great healthy glow - kid glove smooth.


  • EASY GLIDE (Glycerin)
  • SOOTHES (Gotu Kola Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract)
  • HEALS AND HYDRATES (Aloe Leaf Extract, Algae Extract)

"Do it smooth"

  1. Massage a thin layer onto damp skin.
  2. Wait 30 seconds. Contemplate the goat.
  3. Using short strokes, shave with the grain of hair growth.
  4. Repeat (for you Grizzlies, repeat against the grain).

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