Happy Me All Over Wash

"If it’s good enough for your face..."

You can swab the whole deck with oil-free all-over wash. It’s a lot more versatile and better for your skin than most soap bars. New technology allows us to satisfy you lather fiends without drying even the most sensitive areas. That’s right, your face too. No more dry skin. No more primitivism.


  • EXFOLIATES AND REFRESHES (Grapefruit and Papaya Extracts)
  • NOURISHES (Ginseng Extract)
  • MOISTURIZES (Almond Protein)

"Do it everywhere"

  1. Apply directly (or lather up with a washcloth).
  2. Sure it’s All Over Wash but it’s not made to wash your eyeballs (but we encourage washing the other kind!).
  3. Rinse.

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